Some of my videos (educational ones mostly) are password protected because of usage rights. Please email me for permission to see them, and I'll send links and passwords.

This video was a collaboration between Sarah Denae Studios and our client to be shown as a surprise for her fiance at a pre-wedding party.
I was invited to participate in an event sponsored by Enneagram Portland (Thank you Dale Rhodes!) honoring the "high" side of the Enneagram types. I, myself a 4, chose to create a little film about 5s, loosely based on my daughter and other 5s I know. This is the result.
This is a little documentary I made about my grandpa, Ambrose Oderman. He died recently at the age of 102. He was well loved by all. My goal was to capture his essence and all those wonderful qualities that made him his unique self. Thanks to all the contributors and advisers and supporters - my family.

My first video and what led to my love of it all! I created this one while attending a workshop run by Ayin Cushnir called "Free Your Voice."

This is the result of an assignment for school. We were asked to find a place in nature and observe, then write. It felt like a good opportunity for me to make another video. This was done in a day - filming, writing, editing - so it's pretty choppy and messy.